Proud Community Sponsors

Sponsoring local community,  schools and sports clubs.

WE support you!

Avon Timber and Roofing Pty Ltd have been supporting the local community since our doors opened in 1980. 

We are proud to be involved in the community. As our clientele are mainly trade, we promote directly to them. We rarely advertise in the media as many other companies do. We prefer to entertain requests for sponsorship from the local sporting and school communities and any other worthy community projects.

We support:

Sponsorship Options

Product Donation

Product supply and/or discount is one way we support the local community. Taking on some or all of the final costs of our products to help achieve high quality community structures.

Trophy Donation

Trophy donation is another form of support we offer to our local sporting teams.

Membership and Sponsorship

We are members of a number of local sporting clubs and also contribute one off or yearly payments to help with running costs.

Name Placement

We also provide money for name placement on uniforms, advertising and signage.